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Scaffolding and temporary roofs available right now

If you’ve suffered severe damage from weather or similar unforeseen circumstances, you could very well need emergency scaffolding. Our emergency scaffolding is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Contact us immediately for emergency scaffolding.

2015-05-22 06:05:29

What emergency scaffolding is used for:

  • Temporary roofs in the case of fire or weather damage
  • Scaffolding access for buildings or infrastructure following unforeseen damage
  • Emergency repairs to utilities
  • Emergency scaffolding for repairs following flood damage

Emergency scaffolding is important for homeowners and businesses

Adverse weather, flooding and other damage do not discriminate: business properties and homes are equally as likely to be affected by these catastrophic occurrences, which means that emergency scaffolding has to be just as flexible. We provide emergency scaffolding for all requirements.

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Emergency scaffolding available right now. Call us on 0845 00 39 089